Buckle Up Bracelet

Buckle Up Bracelet

Buckle Up Bracelet

My Buckle Up Bracelet started with my desire to make a bracelet to match my peyote stitch Oval Earrings in Black and Copper. The earrings were made using the instructions from the fabulous book by Diane Fitzgerald, Shaped Beadwork. I wanted to also use a dimensional shape for the bracelet, but not the same shape that I used for the earrings, just the same beads. So I decided on a square. I made the square which I think turned out great in copper iris and hematite seed beads, but then what to do with it?

I made the thin hematite strip you see in the final bracelet in odd-count peyote stitch and thought I would strap it on with the thin strip looping through each side of the buckle leaving the center of the buckle empty while worn. However when I finished the strip and put it on it looked sort of puny with the buckle seeming too large for the strap. So then I had to decided on a new design. I thought of several options like putting the buckle like a large bead embellishment on a cuff bracelet or just using the buckle as a clasp for a different bracelet altogether and what finally spoke to me, was a larger peyote stitch black cuff with the thin strip sewn on top and used as the clasp. The clasp was created by the thin strip on one side hooking through the buckle and closing over a rondelle bead in a button closure. So, one little square turned into working on a thin peyote stitch strap, then a wide three-drop peyote stitch black cuff, and then sewing it all together so it fit nicely on my wrist (which was challenging) with the clasp actually working… It makes me smile, the way one thing turns into another when I am beading.

Now after giving the bracelet the wear test, I am not completely satisfied with the clasp design nor with having the bracelet closure in the front. When worn there sometimes is a small gap at the edges of the wide cuff that I don’t like. So this is truly a one-of-a-kind bracelet, I won’t be repeating this type of clasp again. However it was a fun experiment. I enjoyed especially making the peyote stitch buckle and working up the odd count three-drop peyote stitch cuff. I don’t work in odd count that often, but I really liked the way this turned out aesthetically and how it feels on my skin when worn.

I haven’t posted in a while because my family and I were on vacation for Spring Break week before last, then my day-job activity increased about 10-fold. My day-job is in technology working for a large fortune 10 US company. My job keeps me flush with beads. It has been crazy busy so I haven’t had a lot of time — like any — to bead or blog. So I am just catching up on my blog now for this bracelet that I finished a few weeks ago.

Well it is a beautiful spring day here in Houston Texas. I am now going to spend some time outside! Maybe later I’ll get some beading after this long dry spell.

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  1. The bracelet really is very beatiful, very creative. Way to go!


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