Super Duo Crystal Pendant in Ice Blue

Super Duo Crystal Pendant in Ice Blue

Super Duo Crystal Pendant in Ice Blue


Here is my Super Duo Crystal Pendant design done in beautiful silver Super Duo beads with a gorgeous Peacock 2AB Swarovski Crystal. I just love the way this turned out! My daughters thought it looked like an ice flower. I think that is a pretty good description. You can purchase instructions on how to make this for yourself on my Tutorials page.

I think the color combination really makes this look quite different from my first set of pendants using matte finished Super Duo beads. I can’t wait to try some other color and bead finish combinations. I have some awesome bronze and some black Super duo beads that are going to look amazing. I definitely need to buy some more Swarovski Crystals, because I really need an excuse to buy more crystals, to try some different crystal colors. So many ideas come to mind.

I see from my Google Analytics that many of you out in the Webosphere are looking for tutorials using Super Duo beads. I know why. These beads are awesome! I have some other ideas in the works that I plan on turning into tutorials. I just have to get all my Christmas gifts finished. I have mailed out almost all of them that needed to be shipped off to far off loved ones. I just have 1 more box to ship and a couple more jewelry gifts to finish. Then I am done and I can concentrate on turning my ideas into finished pieces and tutorials.

Happy Beading!

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  1. This is beautiful pendent, looks so elegant. Great work Mary, you have such an amazing talent.


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