Super Duo Crystal Pendant in Pink

Super Duo Crystal Pendant in Pink

Here is my Super Duo Crystal Pendant design with a pink Swarovski Crystal rivoli this time. I varied the edge on this one to use 4mm pearls instead of a 3 mm fire polished bead. I think it makes it look more like a flower this way. I really enjoy making these Super Duo pendants. I have gotten quite fast at them. I will be teaching this design in a class next month (Feb). I hope my students all enjoy making this pendant. I can’t wait to see the edge options they use and the color schemes they decide on. I’ll try to remember to take pictures. This pattern is available in my Tutorials section.

I have really enjoyed using these two hole Super Duo beads. I have a new tutorial that I am making for a bracelet design using Super Duo beads. It is pretty cool if I do say so myself. I’ve been looking at some of the amazing work that others have done and have really enjoyed the creativity the Super Duos have sparked. These are some of my favorite beads right now. I just can’t get enough colors and finishes!

I was in the Boston area all week for my day job. It was cold. It snowed one of the nights that I was there. I used my heavy wool coat and boots, so I stayed warm. I am so thankful for the warm Texas Gulf Coast winters that I enjoy at home. I hardly ever have to wear a real coat. Just a light jacket or sweater is all that is needed almost the entire winter which is very short. Today is a beautiful sunny day, the current temperature is 67 F. It just doesn’t get better than this.

Wishing you all sunny warm days!

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