Purple and Gold Swirl Peyote Beading Pattern

Purple and Gold Swirl Peyote Beading Pattern

I’ve created another beading pattern for your enjoyment. This one is a Peyote stitch pattern for the bold and beautiful bracelet that I call “You’re Just Swirl”. The bracelet is around 1 1/2 inches wide so I guess technically it is a cuff? I am not sure what is the exact differentiation between a cuff and a bracelet actually. But I think it is a cuff. Anyone who knows the difference please enlighten us by leaving a comment on the topic. I used beautiful rich deep purple beads and the oh so luscious shiny 24k gold plated Miyuki Delica seed beads.

Length wise picture of peyote gold and purple swirl bracelet

 I really love these gold beads. Don’t you think they look amazing? They look especially rich. I am partial to metal finished beads anyway, but these are really spectacular.

Picture on wrist of purple and gold peyote bracelet called You're Just Swirl

I haven’t worn it yet, but this bracelet is sure to get a lot of attention when I do. I am thinking of making another in red or maybe royal blue and gold. I haven’t decided yet. The stitch used is two-drop even count Peyote stitch, so It makes up pretty quickly. It was a lot of fun to design the pattern and make the bracelet. I also include instructions on how to make the beaded toggle clasp in the tutorial.

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Oh yes, and for those of you that follow my blog weekly, I am done with jury duty! Yay! It was not really very fun. I am still doubting myself as to the final decision. It was really tough to decide. I didn’t feel like I had all the information I needed to make a good solid decision. Partly because I didn’t hear from what I feel were key witnesses and partly because I didn’t know what I was going to have to decide on specifically as I heard the case. They should have to inform the jury before hearing the trial what are the specific charges that will have to be decided on and exact legal definitions provided for each charge and the implications. The problem is that the law uses everyday words, but they have a different meaning than we commonly use. Sigh. Trials are really strange. I hope I am never in one as a defendant or plaintiff EVER!

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